About Global Telangana Association

Starting from the aspirations of the NRI’s to unite the entire Telangana community, with a strong will, the seeds of “Vishwavedika” has been planted to ensure everyone comes together.

Global Telangana Association vision is to become a volunteer driven organization operates with a most transparent way to support the development activities in Telangana region and USA.

Our mission is to bring all Telanganites under one umbrella and create a platform to support the needy in Telangana & USA. Global Telangana Association is created to promote and support advancement of culture and traditions of Telangana region. GTA is formed to provide a platform for literary, cultural, educational, social and development activities in Telangana and USA.

GTA started its grand glorious journey to fulfill its responsibility towards the society and service with the ambition of excellence. The Telangana region which had unleashed a relentless efforts for its own identity and existence, had reached the pinnacle of development and it stood with a sense of pride in the world. GTA’s motto is to unite all Telanganites to preserve the cultural identity and contribute to its development.

In Telugu, there is a saying “Idupu Idupuna Janapadamulu Impuga Pusina Kavanavanambulu, is the true history of Telangana.

GTA in its first prasthan to realize the lofty ambition of imparting Telangana culture to the future generations by encouraging literary artists and traditional folk arts.

We assure that we are with the people of Telangana who face any difficulty in all fields like education, health, medicine, agriculture, employment, welfare, aid, and services to all the community of Telangana. The Global Telangana Association will emerge as a realization of the dream of NRI’s to provide and involve Telangana community.

GTA will take steps to bring in every one on a single platform and widen the scope of service and limits of opportunities. The organization will stand as a guide for Telangana community where they can get better opportunities.

GTA Foundation Activities :

  • Sahayath – uplifting of handicapped
  • Sankalpam – uplifting of weaver community
  • Sanjeevini – uplifting of rural medical care
  • Paradeshi – program to help people who went to abroad.
  • Bharathi – uplifting of girl child education and scholarships.
  • Jai Kisan – program to provide assistance & assurance to farmers.
  • Navya – program for empowering women
  • Yuva – creating opportunities and uplifting youth needs
  • Prerana – motivational seminars and symposiums
  • Bhavitha – guiding and directing facilitating employee opportunities

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